Thursday, September 11, 2008

Will Elder's Dopgatch Revisited

After showing the story by Andru and Esposito from GET LOST in the last post, it hardly seems fair to compare it to Will Elder. But I'll do it anyway, just to show how good satire could get in the hands of a great cartoonist like Willie. Here's a seldom seen strip from HELP! Magazine of the early 1960s. I scanned it from the paperback reprint, HARVEY KURTZMAN'S FAST-ACTING HELP!

It's full of Eyeball kicks, and kicks they are! Check out the car with water pouring out the windows; the Lady Godiva dress shop where the mannequins all have pipes in their mouths, and the lady window shopping does too. I'll leave it to you to find the rest of what Elder called "chicken fat," the little extras that made his work so great.

Copyright © 1961 Help! Magazine, Inc.

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