Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sick x 3

In the space of a few short years cartoonist/writer Jules Feiffer went from assistant to The Spirit's Will Eisner to one of the hippest cartoonists in the country. It happened in New York's THE VILLAGE VOICE, where his witty cartoon panel, "Feiffer", appeared. His collection, SICK, SICK, SICK, was a bestseller 50 years ago. Feiffer went on to a career writing plays, best selling books, and graphic novels. These examples of his observations on men, women and American society of the 1950s are what sent his career into those stratospheric heights.

From SICK, SICK, SICK, First Edition, ©1956, 1957, 1958 by Jules Feiffer.


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Feiffer is awesome! Thanks a lot

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You might enjoy this Mr. Media podcast interview with cartoonist Jules Feiffer, who talks about the new collection of his comic strips from the Village Voice, Explainers, getting his start with Will Eisner on The Spirit, his plays (Little Murders), his movies (Carnal Knowledge, Popeye), the Disney musical adaptation of The Man in the Ceiling, and his forthcoming memoirs.