Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jack Williamson's first

Jack Williamson was referred to as "The Dean of Science Fiction." His first published story was "The Metal Man," in AMAZING STORIES, December, 1928. I've scanned the story from that issue. The illustration is by Frank R. Paul. Even at the age of 20 Williamson's writing had a professional polish, and a narrative drive that propelled the story.

Williamson was an amazing story himself; self-educated in his early years, he went on to get a doctorate and to be a college professor. He died in 2006 at age 98.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Great Movie Posters

Thirteen of 60 posters. Edited by Michael Jay. ©1982 Orbis Publishing Limited, London.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It only hurts when I don't laugh, Doc

CARTOON CLASSICS FROM MEDICAL ECONOMICS, a book from 1963, is a collection from a specialized publication. Among the dozens of cartoons by cartoonists unfamiliar to me are the stars of the gag cartoon world of the time: Chon Day, VIP, Syd Hoff, and more. A sale was a sale, and whether to a mainstream publication or something as esoteric as this, a cartoonist has got to sell his work.

As with any field that has its own jargon, some of the punchlines depend on knowing what a medical word or term means. You want me to explain the joke? Go look it up!

©1963 Medical Economics Book Division, Inc.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Captain George presents Captain Marvel

The entire 32-page contents of CAPTAIN GEORGE'S COMIC WORLD #22, circa 1969. Captain George printed from some black and white photostats of artwork from various Fawcett Comics dated late 1944. The information about original story publication comes from the Grand Comics Database.

"Captain Marvel Retires", WHIZ COMICS #58, September 1944.

"Captain Marvel Jr. and the Flying Factory", CAPTAIN MARVEL JR. #23, September 1944

Bulletman, "The Vicious Vandal", MASTER COMICS #56, November 1944.

Captain Marvel Jr., "The American Eagle Menace", CAPTAIN MARVEL JR. #24, October 1944.