Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mail Call!

No man would turn down a game of Post Office with these beauties! From THE GREAT AMERICAN PIN-UP, ©2004 Taschen.


Chuck Wells said...

I am a huge Gil Elvgren fan, but I give this round to Peter Driben.

March 19 and May 18 are my favorites out of this batch

joe ackerman said...

i'm afraid i have to disagree with mr. wells on this one. i, too, am a huge gil elvgren fan, and " red white & blue " is one of all-time fave elvgren pin-ups. gil wins hand down!

loving these good girl posts, fella. keep up the good show!

Harry Lee Green said...

Driben's redhead has the sexy long, long legs. Elvgren's girls have beautiful bodies and pouty mouths. How is a fella to choose? Easy! Take them all!