Saturday, August 1, 2009

Look! It's more Hey Look!

Hey Look! was a strip that MAD creator Harvey Kurtzman did for Stan Lee in the late 1940s. Random one-page strips appeared in many comics, and a collector could spend years collecting them all. Denis Kitchen solved the problem by publishing a major compilation of the strips in 1992. A couple of months ago I showed you a portfolio of 10 later Hey Look! strips, showing Kurtzman's progression as a cartoonist, but the strips I'm showing now are some of the earliest. Kurtzman had a true gift for humor, for cartooning and satire, yet over a period of just a couple of years, from the earliest Hey Look! strips to the last, he really came into his own as an artist.

HEY LOOK! By Harvey Kurtzman, Kitchen Sink Press, Publisher, 1992. All Hey Look material copyright © 1992 Harvey Kurtzman

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vip's Here We Go Again...again

The second and final set of cartoons from Vip's 1951 book, HERE WE GO AGAIN.

The first set from the book is here.

Copyright © 1951 Virgil Franklin Partch