Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Hey, Look!"

THE ART OF HARVEY KURTZMAN, THE MAD GENIUS OF COMICS by Denis Kitchen and Paul Buhle is finally out, and well worth the wait. I spent a pleasant afternoon and evening going through it. Every page held a surprise for me, and I've been a Kurtzman fan for five decades.

In 1966 comics historian John Benson published a small portfolio of ten Kurtzman Hey Look! pages. By today's standards it was very modest, but it was the first time many fans, including me, had seen them.

Introduction Copyright © 1966 John Benson

"Hey Look" pages Copyright © 1966 Harvey Kurtzman

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Paul C.Tumey said...

Hey Look! Thanks for posting these. Nice to have themn larger digital format. I never cease to be amazd at how good these are. Thanks again!