Saturday, June 13, 2009

Larry Todd's Paranoia

One of my favorite underground cartoonists, Larry Todd, did the bulk of the comic, PARANOIA #1, in 1972 for publisher Co. and Sons. Here are all of his pages and covers for that issue.

Artwork Copyright © 1972 Larry Todd

Story "Passengers" Copyright © 1968 Robert Silverberg


Chuck Wells said...

Interesting! I would like to have this issue just for the spiffy cover.

Booksteve said...

Never a big Todd fan but this wasn't bad. Front cover is especially nice. Thanks.

Harry Lee Green said...

I like Todd but have at least one problem with his artwork in this issue. It's too busy! I think later Larry learned that what to leave out was as important as what to put in, but there was a school of thought amongst some underground cartoonists that more was better.

Has anyone seen anything recent by Todd? I have lost track of him, or even if he is still drawing and publishing.