Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mod Squad

Hey, man, dig this comic, MOD SQUAD #8 from 1971. Here are THREE CRAZY COOL KIDS, RIGHT OFF THE HIT TV SHOW, man! Two white kids who look like your average Woodstock, guitar-strummin', pot-smokin', acid-droppin' hippie kids, and one angry-lookin' black dude with an afro. Only, get this, man...they're REALLY COPS! UNDERCOVER COPS! How cool is that? The white kids don't smoke dope, THEY BUST DOPE DEALERS! The black guy isn't into black power salutes or hasslin' the pigs, he's into helpin' by BUSTIN' DIRTY COPS!

Linc, Julie and Pete, a little uptight, but OUTTASITE AND ALL RIGHT! I get some major good vibes from this trio, man. I'm gonna go put on the headphones, listen to some Jefferson Airplane and Janis, and dig this FAR-OUT COMIC, MAN!


p spector said...

Peggy Lipton, who played Julie, later married musician/producer Quincy Jones. How cool and groovy is that?

Harry Lee Green said...

Very, very cool.

Even cooler, she was also on the TV series TWIN PEAKS!