Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fearless Fosdick and the lovesick satellite

A month ago I showed some Li'l Abner Sunday comic strips featuring Fearless Fosdick, Al Capp's comic strip within a comic strip, first published in 1960. A Li'l Abner fan had clipped them out of the newspaper and pasted them into a homemade scrapbook. This is another sequence from that scrapbook. These hilarious daily strips are from a continuity running from July 30 to September 13, 1960.

Al Capp didn't satirize as much as bludgeon. In the case of Fosdick it was the world of the dutiful public servant. Poor Fosdick suffers the indignities of his superiors while retaining the dignity of his profession. Apparently Capp didn't have much use for the bureaucrats who commanded such stalwart and dedicated city employees.

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