Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The All-American Art, Cartooning

Over 50 years ago a neighbor lady, herself an artist, and knowing of my dad's interest in comics and comic strips, gave him her copy of THE "ALL-AMERICAN ART," CARTOONING, published and ©Higgins Ink Company in 1944. Dad passed it on to me, coverless, tattered, and I wore it out even more. To me it is one of the great books on the comics, because it was the first I ever read that took comics seriously, doing analysis on what made the artwork great. It was reprinted several times, at least until the 1960s, and I suppose I could find a newer copy in better shape, but this worn out copy, which has gone through three sets of hands, the hands of people who really appreciate it, is the one I really want.

These two chapters, on comic strips and comic panels, are my favorites, but the whole book is informative, instructional and inspirational.

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