Friday, June 5, 2009

"So long, sucker!" More Talking Blob

Here's a second grouping of stories from CRACKED BLOCKBUSTER, Summer 1988, featuring the inspired lunacy of Joe Catalano, writer, and John Severin, artist.

The first part of the Talking Blob series is here.

As a bonus, after the Talking Blob we have the Talking Wife! An obscure Severin and Elder collaboration from YOUNG LOVE #8, 1950.

If you want to see more Severin just type in John Severin in the search box in the upper left corner, and you'll get the listing of all the Severin Week postings I did in April. You'll also get Marie Severin, but that's pretty good, too.

CRACKED BLOCKBUSTER Copyright © 1988 Global Communications, Inc.

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