Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tom and Jerry's Party

A trip to a local thrift store yesterday yielded this Little Golden Book, a small treasure amongst the dross of people's giveaways and leavings. Finds like this, which were once common, are now more rare thanks to eBay, and book dealers who go through the bookshelves of thrift stores with an eye to resale. Luckily the dealers in my area often overlook children's books, and especially the ubiquitous Little Golden Books. I flip through stacks of them, and every once in a while come away with something like this, a book lovingly kept over 50 years, then finally surrendered to a charity so I could buy it for 25¢, and bring it to you.

Pencil artwork is by the great Harvey Eisenberg, painted by Samuel Armstrong.

TOM AND JERRY'S PARTY, Copyright © 1955 Loew's Incorporated.

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