Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crime Illustrated

CRIME ILLUSTRATED was an attempt by EC Comics publisher Bill Gaines to get around the new Comics Code authority by publishing comic books that weren't really comic books, but a hybrid of pulp and comics. The public didn't accept it, sales were poor and the magazine only lasted two issues. It used the EC Comics artists and they pulled out the stops on illustration techniques. Reed Crandall was given full credit for "Fall Guy For Murder" and it looks like his inking in places, but it also looks like Bernard Krigstein shared duties on the pencil art.

Alfred E. Neuman, moonlighting from his job as mascot at Gaines' one magazine success, MAD, is given writer's credit for the grimmest story of the bunch, "Mother's Day."

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MDG14450 said...

You're right about Krigstein on "Fall Guy." He pencilled it, but changed the ending because he objected to the guy getting off at the end. Feldstein objected to that and gave it to Crandall to ink. (I'm remembering this from the Krigstein interview in Squa Tront)

Harry Lee Green said...

Thanks for that information; can we surmise from his objection that he had his name kept off the credits?