Tuesday, April 14, 2009

John Severin and the Talking Blob!

John Severin has had a great career for a guy who didn't start out to draw comics, didn't read comics, and claims he still doesn't read comics. For all that he did comics as well as anyone, and better than many. He is a true professional who has put out an amazing amount of exceptional work.

Starting today, five entries on this blog in five days will be honoring John Severin.

First up is some of his work for CRACKED MAZAGINE with the Talking Blob stories. Joe Catalano wrote them, but Severin brought them to life. I scanned these from CRACKED BLOCKBUSTER, published in 1988. One hundred pages of stories featuring the Talking Blob! "So long, sucker!"

I'm showing you the first three stories in the book.

TOMORROW: John Severin and Will Elder: War and Fighting Men

CRACKED BLOCKBUSTER Copyright © 1988 Globe Communications Corp.


Frederick said...

Great post. always enjoyed Severins' work, esp. his Trek spoofs. I posted one just the other day:


Harry Lee Green said...

Thanks for pointing me toward your blog. Very nice posting. I don't have that issue of Cracked.

MangMade said...

Thank you so very, very, much. I lost my issues with the blob stories long ago. I've been thinking a lot about them recently for some reason. Great timing.