Monday, April 13, 2009

Annie Fanny

I recently ordered the two LITTLE ANNIE FANNY books, reprinting the PLAYBOY magazine work by Harvey Kurtzman and artist Will Elder, both now sadly deceased. While waiting for the books to arrive I went to my bookshelves and found a copy of the 1972 ANNIE FANNY collection. I bought it used many years ago and when I opened it found several Annie stories, not included in that volume, clipped from PLAYBOY.

I'm showing three of these clipped stories. First up is a hilarious take on TV from May 1966, with a major art assist by Jack Davis. Russ Heath assisted on the second, "Astronaut Annie," from December 1964. Finally, from June, 1972 Kurtzman and Elder take a sharp dig at their boss, PLAYBOY publisher Hugh Hefner, and his lifestyle.

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Chuck Wells said...

Oh, man do I fondly remember Annie. The strips were always tons of fun.

haubels said...

I have a hard back first edition Little Annie Fanny that was actually given to me with a lot of other books when I was about 12. The book measures 12"x10" and contains 26 of the classic LAF stories from the sixties.
I'm wondering if it has any value and where I might go to seek information about it's possible worth?