Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dead of Night #1

DEAD OF NIGHT #1, December 1973. Although the stories vary in quality, I love the John Romita cover on this Marvel comic. It is very reminiscent of the Atlas horror comics of the 1950s where these reprints originally appeared, and is also a sign of changing times, when the Comics Code relaxed its prohibition against horror comics.

Copyright © 1973 Marvel Comics


Chuck Wells said...

This issue is on my want list, Harry. Thanks for putting it up, so that I could check it out - - - in advance.

Harry Lee Green said...

I love these early-to-mid '70s Marvels. This was a period I found rich with interest, black and white comics, monster heroes (Dracula, Frankenstein, Werewolf By Night, Man-Thing), Conan, etc. It was a fun period of collecting for me. Most of what I got in those days disappeared in trades and eBay sales, but I hung on to the ones I liked the most. I just wish I'd hung on to them all.

Chuck Wells said...

Same here, and I've been picking up this same type of stuff for the past decade or so, and it's getting harder - since the speculators have moved into the 1970's stuff pretty heavily.

Nothing pains me more than to see 70's Marvel (in particular) slabbed into a CGC shell.