Friday, April 17, 2009

Severin in Black and White

Here are two stories that John Severin illustrated so effectively in black and white, using the special double-tone Grafix (formerly known as Craftint) artboard he was so expert with. A chemical was applied to bring out the toning.

"Return of the Golem" is from MONSTERS ATTACK #1, from the publishers of CRACKED, 1988.

Copyright © 1988 Globe Communications, Inc.

"The Stars My Salvation" is from the Warren special, UFO AND ALIEN COMIX, 1977, in turn reprinted from an earlier appearance in a Warren magazine. Sorry, I don't know which one. The drawing is top notch, combining the alien with the historical. A nice mixture.

Copyright © 1977 Warren Publishing Co.

TOMORROW: John Severin the Madman


Chuck Wells said...

Damn, that was awesome! I doubt that I would ever have had the opportunity to read this one, unless somebody nice posted it online for me.


Harry Lee Green said...

Thanks, Chuck. It makes me feel like those lonely hours spent over a hot scanner are worth it!

Anonymous said...

That second story was absolutely outstanding!