Monday, April 27, 2009

Art and artists

The artists of the NEW YORKER's golden age have fun with fine art. These great cartoons by the best cartoonists of the era are from the collection, THE NEW YORKER ALBUM OF ART AND ARTISTS. Published by the New York Graphic Society, First Edition, 1970.

I have re-set some of the captions for legibility.

Copyright © 1970 The New Yorker Magazine, Inc.


p spector said...

It's no coincidence these artists were cartooning this stuff. I can tell you, as it was told to me, that in NY (at least) you could have often found them just as easily at MOMA as you could at the MET.

Harry Lee Green said...

I agree. Perhaps your father was the same way. The best cartoonists don't restrict themselves to just looking at cartoons.

p spector said...

During WWII there were a lot of artists and animators in the Army Signal Corps, stationed in Astoria, Queens, (NY). Basically, they churned out training films and manuals/pamphlets. Among the many were my dad and Sam Cobean. I have some of the cartoony art they'd do in their "spare" time, basically lampooning each other. You can see the modern and classical influences in the work...especially the modern at that point. They were all very aware and in touch with what was going on.