Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rand Holmes in a fog

The superbly talented cartoonist, Rand Holmes, appeared in the Canadian underground, FOG CITY COMICS. These are the pages he drew from issues #2 and #3. "Killer Planet" was later reprinted in color, but this is its original appearance. It shows Holmes' ability to draw science fiction in an attractive style that owes a lot to Wally Wood, but is still unmistakeably Holmes. "And here he is...the artist himself" from FOG CITY #3 shows his ability with humor.

Holmes, age 60, died in 2002 while undergoing treatment for cancer.

Holmes material from FOG CITY COMICS #2 © 1978 Rand H. Holmes
Holmes material from FOG CITY COMICS #3 © 1979 Rand H. Holmes


Chuck Wells said...

Ya just gotta love that cover, man. A hot space chick getting pleasured by an alien squid-thingie. Pretty cool!

ZeroDollarMovie said...

"They told me this was gonna be a FUCK scene!" Haha, priceless.

Some really fantastic bug-eyed alien art here.