Saturday, May 30, 2009

Greaser Comics

Adults only. If you're too young to be viewing adult material, SCRAM!

GREASER COMICS #1 came from George DiCaprio and Richard Jaccoma in 1971. It's crude, violent, sexy and sexist — what we expect from an underground comic book. The art is influenced by Spain and S. Clay Wilson. Richard Jaccoma did the artwork;  it's grotesque, the work of a talented amateur rather than a polished professional, which seems right for the material. It was followed it in 1972 with GREASER COMICS #2.

Oh yeah...writer George DiCaprio is the dad of movie star Leonardo DiCaprio, which has nothing to do with his career in underground comix. but it's always good to name drop.

GREASER COMICS #1 Copyright © 1971 G. DiCaprio and R. Jaccoma


Booksteve said...

Interesting about Leo. I'd heard of this comic (comix?) but never seen it. Funny how what once were so outrageous now have an odd charm.

Harry Lee Green said...

For Booksteve: I think pop culture has caught up to the raunchiness of these old undergrounds, making it more acceptable. The ug comix probably influenced more people than we know.

p spector said...
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Joe Willy said...

I always knew Leo's dad was a friend of the UG artists and hung around that scene but I didn't know he was also a creator. Interesting-looking stuff.

RJaccoma said...

Thanks for taking the time to scan/post our comic! It's really nice having it see the light of day (or at least the light of the Web) after all these years. However there's one slight correction I'd like to make to your commentary. George D was and is a truly brilliant man. He came up with the entire concept for Greaser, virtually inventing or at least predicting the whole 1950s-greaser-nostalgia thing in the process (we published Greaser six months before the original stage version of Grease opened). George also conceived all the stories and wrote the script for the entire comic. Then he printed the first edition on the press he ran in Manhattan, folded and stapled the books by hand, loaded them in his van and distributed them around the city. All in all quite the amazing feat. In fact the only thing George did not do was illustrate Greaser. All the art was done by Kenny Bloomer (inside covers), John Dowd (centerfold) and me (the rest).