Monday, May 25, 2009

More classic Hot Stuff

From DEVIL KIDS #3, November 1962, more of our favorite diapered delinquent devil, Hot Stuff.

Say, who changes Hot Stuff's diaper, anyway? Is it why he's such a stinker?

The art on Hot Stuff is by the always great Howie Post, and the artwork for Stumbo the Giant is by Mr. Harvey Comics, Warren Kremer.

You can find the whole issue of one of Hot Stuff's earliest appearances, including the very first appearance of Stumbo in HOT STUFF #3 from 1958.

DEVIL KIDS, STARRING HOT STUFF Volume 1 Number 3, is Copyright © 1962 Illustrated Humor, Inc.


Chuck Wells said...

Man, I really love those old Harvey Comics books.

Of course, this stuff never really gets "old" to me and seeing & re-reading it always brings pleasure.

These books also fetch top prices when they are offered on eBay.

Harry Lee Green said...

In the late '90s and early 2000-2001 I sold many of my Harvey comics on eBay. I got great prices for them. But now I wish I'd hung onto them. The money went fast, but if I had the books they'd be worth more to me than a few $$$.