Sunday, October 26, 2008

Origin of the Crypt Keeper

I enjoy comparing original art to the printed product. In this case, a great story for Halloween, Jack Davis' origin of the Crypt Keeper.

In 1952 Davis began his long association with MAD, from #1 on a few months earlier than this appearance in TALES FROM THE CRYPT #33, Dec. 1952-Jan. 1953. This story shows the grotesque and ghoulish humor that EC Comics and Davis were famous for, and which he used so effectively in MAD.

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p spector said...

I like comparing original with printed too. In many cases, this being one of them, I prefer the original since the guy is so sensational, and that inking is fantastic.

This post makes me realize how little I've seen of his non-MAD work. I'm so used to the latter that I kept half-expecting something more along the lines of MAD's "jugular vein" humor to crop up in any given panel.

Thanks for posting it.

Sadako said...

This was awesome. Do you have access to any other old Crypt Keeper comics, or do you know of any others online? I love it!