Saturday, October 18, 2008

MADmen go on record...

David Miller of Albany, California has sent us some more scans of great record album covers by artists who worked for MAD Magazine. Thanks, Dave!

There are some really obscure covers in this grouping. The Feldstein children's record was done right after World War II for a series of fairy tale recordings.

Mort Drucker:

Jack Davis:

Don Martin:

Al Feldstein:

Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder:

Kelly Freas and Mort Drucker:

Norman Mingo:

Wallace Wood:


pspector said...

I never expected Don Martin's style to translate into jazz art, but that Miles Davis cover is totally outrageous!

Harry Lee Green said...

The Martin cover spun my head, too. It isn't like anything he was doing for the magazine at the time; the figures at first glance look like insects, mantises or something, then when you look they are even more bizarre. Great cover, though, something I'd tie together with Miles' music.