Tuesday, October 28, 2008

13 creeps

You don't have to walk very far into the crumbling Eyeball mansion to find creeps. They're all over the bookshelves. From the mouldering crypt in the basement to the skull-strewn attic. Shelves of books. Creepy books

I took a chance, dashed into the crypt--and out again before my shambling monstrosity of a brother could reach the end of his chain--and grabbed the first 13 anthologies on one of the many bookshelves.

There are a nice selection of stories from WEIRD TALES, about which no horror story collection should be without, but also classic ghosts, classic writers like Robert Bloch, and the two anthologies whose Virgil Finlay covers impressed me so much when I was a teenager.

I love Halloween. It's Halloween every day in my house.

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Karswell said...

Man I love those scary FOUR SQUARE covers! Nice gallery...