Saturday, October 11, 2008

Can I have your autograph, please?

I found this 1989 autograph catalog last year in a thrift store. It took me back to who was famous 20 years ago...who was having his/her 15 minutes of fame, who was popular on TV at the time, and those folks who were truly classic, even more revered today than they were then. It's interesting to compare the prices of the autographs. Fifty bucks for Elsa Lanchester? One seventy-five for Boris Karloff or $95 for Hope and Crosby? Do you take Visa?

Ah, too bad...these offers are old and not valid anymore, so don't send them your money. The company that produced this catalog is now an autograph auction house and also does autograph authentications.

R&R ENTERPRISES CATALOG 102 copyright ©1989 R&R Enterprises, Inc.

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