Thursday, July 2, 2009

Babysan's World, R.I.P. Bill Hume

David Miller provided me with these sharp scans from Bill Hume's BABYSAN'S WORLD. Hume made these gently comic observations while in Japan during the occupation. Hume's love for the culture--and women--of Japan is evident.

Dave also told me that Hume died just days ago, on June 27, 2009, at the grand old age of 93. It makes posting these beautiful drawings especially poignant. Here's a website devoted to Hume.

BABYSAN'S WORLD Copyright © 1954 Charles Tuttle, Publisher.


Chuck Wells said...

That's a very nicely illustrated book. Sad to here about Mr. Hume's passing.

Prof. Grewbeard said...

this is beyond awesome! thanx so much for this.

Harry Lee Green said...

Thanks for your positive comments.

When my friend, Dave Miller, sent this to me it was my first exposure to Bill Hume. I'd love to see more of his work. When I looked at his beautiful pin-up girls and his brushwork (with a Japanese writing brush) I fell in love with his style.

Anonymous said...

Great art from an ignored period of history.

The "slant" thing makes me cringe though. But I won't hold that against a dead man.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for this. Out of the wild blue I woke up this morning with Babysan on my mind. I grew up finding and giggling over these books in my dad's "secret" collection.