Sunday, July 5, 2009

Science fiction at midnight

A science fiction issue of the supernatural comic book, WITCHING HOUR, features artist Neal Adams on the cover, and Jeff Jones, Stanley Pitt, and Al Williamson with Carlos Garzon drawing interior stories.

Pitt, an Australian artist, was influenced by Alex Raymond, something he shared with Al Williamson. Pitt died in 2002.

THE WITCHING HOUR #14, May-June 1971, Copyright © 1971 DC Comics.


Booksteve said...

The first issue of THE WITCHING HOUR creeped me out (for reasons I can't even recall now) so I stayed away from subsequent issues completely. Looking back now, it seems a treasure trove of great comics and great comics art! I didn't realize Jones had ever done anything but covers for DC. And Stanley Pitt? I love Pitt's work! No freakin' idea this story (by former fan writer Dave Kaler yet!)existed! Wow. Thanks.

Harry Lee Green said...

Along with your line of "treasure trove of great comics and great comics art," I think there are many buried treasures in the DC mystery comics of the 1970s.

Pitt's art seems like a throwback to another era, but we didn't get to see enough of him in American comics. Any story by him is worth showing and preserving.

The Old Warrior said...

I still own this comic book and love the Al Williamson art inside.