Friday, December 19, 2008

Rockin' around the Crackedmas tree...

Here are a couple of Christmas items you might not expect. CRACKED #243 from 1988 featured two pages by Charlton Comics favorite Pat Boyette.

ROCKIN' BONES, and ROCKIN' BONES XMAS SPECIAL #1, are some of the greatest comic books ever produced. I wouldn't kid about stuff like this. Look into my hairy green eyeball, and know I speak the truth. In the early 1990s Darren Merinuk produced some anarchic, funny and extremely well-illustrated comics. I once found them for sale in the New England Comics (NEC) catalog, but have checked NEC recently and couldn't locate them. I did see some copies for sale on eBay. If you find them, go for them. This is just a sample.

CRACKED MAGAZINE #243 Copyright © 1989 Globe Communications Corp.

ROCKIN' BONES XMAS SPECIAL #1 is © and ™ 1992 Darren Merinuk.

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Unknown said...

How does that Rockin' Bones cover not scream "Merry Christmas"?

Best of luck in the new year.