Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lookin' for some HOT STUFF baby this evenin'

I love the book, HOT STUFF THE LITTLE DEVIL by Leslie Cabarga. Hot Stuff was a fun kid's character, created in the 1950s by Harvey Comics. Hot Stuff was a "hot" seller for that company for several years. The book includes a couple of stories from HOT STUFF #3, from 1958, but here is the whole issue, including a couple of pages of house ads.

This issue is probably best known for being the first appearance of Stumbo the Giant, another great concept drawn by artist Warren Kremer. Unlike Hot Stuff, who didn't change pictorially--not much, anyway--over the years, Stumbo's appearance changed quite a bit. However, several of the concepts that went throughout the history of the strip, protecting Tinytown, sleeping against a mountain, are here in the first story.

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Chuck Wells said...

I love the Harvey stuff and the "cool" reference to Donna Summer in the post title, Hairy.

dark spiderman said...

well, in in his first comics, hot stuff's head is bigger and he looks shorter than in later comics, but stumbo looks better.
Hot stuff is my favorite character from harvey comics.