Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cluster Al Luster

Going through my stack of '70s reprints of '50s Atlas Comics I noticed that only one comic I have has two stories by the same artist. BEWARE #3 from July, 1973 gives the first two stories to Al Luster. The Eyeball notices stuff like that. They're pretty good stories, too.

Good lord (choke!) A knife in the throat: "Don't Ever Gyp a Gypsy," first panel, page 3. How'd they get that past the Comics Code? (That's a rhetorical question.)

The cover isn't by Luster, but illustrates "Don't Ever Gyp a Gypsy."


Karswell said...

>How'd they get that past the Comics Code?

Cuz it was pre-code originally. Ooops! Rhetorical! Sorry.

Nice double shot of Al Luster today though... I did a 3 tale tribute to him back in August last year, check my archive for Iron Lady, They Dive by Night, and The Body Snatchers.

Your blog gets better everyday, keep it up!

joe bloke said...

sweet post, matey! thanks for that.

Harry Lee Green said...

If you like off-the-wall comics, then The Horrors Of It All is a great place to visit. Karswell sets the standard for this sort of thing, and I recommend everyone go to for a daily dose of what it is that made these old comics so much fun.

Thanks for the input about this blog.