Friday, July 11, 2008

Burglar in the room...

Larry Reynolds' burglar cartoons, featuring Butch and his little old man accomplice--sorry, don't know his name--were a long-running feature in Collier's Magazine. These are from the 1940s, taken from the book by Collier's cartoon editor, Gurney Williams, I Meet Such People!, ©1945, 1946. Burglary, and even armed robbery, don't seem very funny in and of themselves. I guess if you've been burgled or robbed at gunpoint the punchlines will be lost on you. Still, Reynolds produced a lot of these during his career, and the public must've liked them.

The last cartoon is from the original art done on Strathmore bristol drawing paper, inscribed by Reynolds to a fan.

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MDG14450 said...

These characters are featured in a series of drive-in intermission cartoons. You can see them here:

The first one starts about a minute and a half in.