Sunday, June 1, 2008

Predator put the "Blam!" in Blamire!

I became familiar with filmmaker Larry Blamire years before I saw his film, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. In the early to mid-1970s Blamire drew extreme violence in some self-published comic books starring a vigilante called the Predator.

I enjoyed Lost Skeleton, and how funny a spoof of old horror movies it is, considering how deadly (and I do mean deadly) serious the Predator was. The artwork on the Predator may have lacked polish, but made up for that in the intensity of the action. In retrospect I can see how Blamire excelled at visualization. These pages I'm showing look more like film storyboards.

I also appreciated that he put his character in a 1940s setting, rather than trying to make him contemporary.

One of these days maybe Larry will take on a film version of the Predator. In the meantime he's finished up a sequel to Cadavra and is working on Dark and Stormy Night, which he announced in this posting from Karswell's The Horrors Of It All.

A green-eyed wink of approval from Hairy Green Eyeball, Larry! I can't wait for your new movies.

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Karswell said...

Thanks for the plug again too by the way... I thought I commented here on this post on June 1st but apparently it didn't load, or it got lost in the land of word verifcation.