Friday, June 20, 2008

Hey, hey, they're the monkeys...

Can I get a big "Awwwwww, how cute!" from you eyeballers out there? I don't just look at comic books and pictures of girls, you know…I have a side that likes the illustrations in these little kids' books. This one is from 1952, and I've had it a lonnnnnnng time.

So I hang onto my childhood. So I never grew up. So sue me.

Hey, I love those musical instrument playin' monkeys! Reminds me of the TV show theme:

Here we come
Walking down the street
We get the funniest looks from
Everyone we meet.

Hey, hey we're the Monkees,
and people say we monkey around.
But we're too busy singing,
to put anybody down.

I'll be showing more stuff like this in the future, but not to worry: I've got more grown-up crap tomorrow.

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