Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mars Attacks!

Notorious! Infamous! ...or famous, depending on your level of tolerance for such things. The Mars Attacks cards came out in 1962, sold by Topps. Norm Saunders was the artist. I've picked out the cards that show flying saucers.Mars Attacks cards are ghoulish and gory, and also paranoid, brought on by the Cold War with the Soviet Union going on at the time.

In 1962 my parents considered building a bomb shelter for the nukes we expected to fall on us at any time. Dad and Mom were definitely faked out by the constant talk of Soviets and the Red plans for world conquest. My feeling is that these Martians are stand-ins for the Russkies we thought were going to bring doom down upon us. To the kids who were buying the cards Martians were a lot cooler than Russians.

Tomorrow I have two stories about Soviet-era flying saucers.


Veruca Madison said...

Awesome. I'd like to steal some of your pictures with credit to you, if that's okay.

Harry Lee Green said...

Well, considering I took them from somebody else on the Internet (and I can't remember who or I'd credit them) I'd be a schmuck if I said you couldn't use them, so enjoy!