Sunday, June 8, 2008

Booby blonde bubble butts!

I was going through some old files and found these pictures from a 1973 Esquire magazine. I remember clipping them out, but why I hung onto them is sort of a mystery, reason long since forgotten.

Maybe I don't need a reason. Cute girls. They'd be 35 years older now, maybe even grandmas, and wonder if all of those parts that are sticking straight out or up are sagging down. I'm 35 years older, too, so I guess if gravity has hit me, it's hit anyone else who is still around who was there in 1973. The partially cut-off caption says $10 secret from Frederick's of Hollywood!

I thought only Victoria had secrets…

Hey, man…speaking of Victoria's Secret, and grandmas, thought you guys might like to see the Hairy Green Eyeball's grandma, who is wearing the cute little outfit she got for Christmas. It's what keeps Grandpa home.

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