Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Captain George's Comic World

Captain George was a Toronto, Canada store owner and publisher who put out a lot of publications dealing with comic art. He'd gang them on the presses, putting out 10 issues at a time. This issue, Comic World #16, which came out sometime in the late 1960s, looks like he took a bunch of his old pulp magazines to his printer and had the illustrations put into a 32-page booklet.

Nice illustrations, though. Virgil Finlay, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Hannes Bok, even Wally Wood, are some of the better known artists. There are some lesser known pulp illustrators here, also.

George printed on the cheapest newsprint available, so the copies of his magazines I have are very tanned. I had to blow out the color with my scanner, but I couldn't do much with some of the illustrations, which looked pretty bad even when they were printed. It was the condition they were in when they went before George's printer's litho camera.

Thanks to David Miller for his help with the Wally Wood centerfold.

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