Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pirates by Greg Irons

My old friend David Miller has helped me again, this time supplying scans for the excellent 1985 Bellerophon Book, PIRATES, drawn by Greg Irons.

Dave has this observation:

When I saw the movie, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, the first one, I was immediately struck by how much the side characters looked like they were from this book. It is my personal observation, but I do want Irons to get some notice here. I really do think that they used his designs for the movie. It is not that much of a stretch and why go to all the work designing the look when a master has already done it.

I posted an underground comix-styled promotional comic book for Grunt Records, GRUNT COMIX #2 also drawn by Irons. Irons, who besides his work in underground comix had a career as a tattoo artist, died while visiting Bangkok, Thailand. He was hit by a bus and killed on November 14, 1984 at the young age of 37.

PIRATES Copyright © 1985 Bellerophon Books

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Anonymous said...

One of the greats. He looked the wrong way before crossing the street in Indonesia. Ever the hipster, he may well have preferred the ironic exit. Peace Greg.