Monday, July 20, 2009

Mark Twain meets Lynd Ward

Lynd Ward was an illustrator with a variety of styles, all of them accomplished. He became famous in the 1920s with his novel in woodcuts, GOD'S MAN. He also illustrated many books written by his wife, May Mc Neer. These illustrations are from AMERICA'S MARK TWAIN, a biography of Twain illustrated by Ward using gray tones and full color gouache paintings. Interjected into the biographical material are these previews of some of Twain's most famous works, illustrated by Ward with a beautiful, free and loose pen style.

More illustrations by Ward can be found at the now defunct ILLUSTRATION STATION blog here and here.

AMERICA'S MARK TWAIN Copyright © 1962 May Mc Neer Ward and Lynd Ward

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space-in-mind said...

Gorgeous illustrations! Thanks for the post!