Wednesday, July 8, 2009


BALLYHOO was a popular magazine of the 1930s, which set the precedent for MAD magazine twenty years later. BALLYHOO used fake ads and top cartoonists. It was published by George Delacorte, who founded Dell Publishing.

David Miller provided these scans. He didn't indicate what issues what cartoons and ad parodies came from, but said they are from 1931 and 1932. This is half of what he sent me, and I'll be showing the rest of them soon.

Thanks for your generosity, Dave! I hadn't seen any of these before, and I'm glad you shared them.

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Steve Kostelecky said...

Love this blog. You are reawakening my obsession with comics. The Ballyhoo stuff is amazing. I love anything from the thirties, but haven't found a dud in any of your posts. Bless you, Hairy Green.