Monday, May 11, 2009

The Deluxe Humbug

The HUMBUG set from Fantagraphics is out and it's great. Fine printing and binding will keep this slipcased two-volume set looking good long after the rest of us are gone.

I lived through the 1950s and I don't even recognize all of the satirical references from these 1957-58 issues, so there is an appendix in the back of Volume 2, much appreciated, explaining what the geniuses at HUMBUG were jabbing at.

HUMBUG was a cooperative; several artists contributed money and lost their shirts. But it was a labor of love. I'm showing 7 pages of Jack Davis work from HUMBUG's #1 and #3. This is some of his best work ever.

HUMBUG is available from Fantagraphics and Bud Plant, also Amazon and the other usual suspects.

HUMBUG is Copyright © 2009 Fantagraphics, Inc.

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