Friday, March 20, 2009

Weird Graphic Fantasy

WEIRD GRAPHIC FANTASY #3, a hybrid fanzine/underground comic from 1972, pays homage to EC comics with a WEIRD SCIENCE-styled tale, "Gratitude." Publisher-editor-writer-artist Dale R. Broadhurst used Ned Young's Al Williamson-inspired artwork to great effect. He even used EC's mechanical Leroy Lettering to add to the verisimilitude. The color, done as overlays in those pre-Photoshop days, is bright enough to peel your eyeballs, so I toned the hue down a bit before presenting it here. "Comical Tragedy" is a clever 3-pager from pro Mike Vosburg, and Broadhurst himself does the art chores on his own story, "First Duty."

Copyright © 1972 Dale R. Broadhurst

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