Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Driben my baby back home...

A couple of days ago Chuck Wells asked me to show my personal favorites the next time I posted some pin-ups from THE GREAT AMERICAN PIN-UP CALENDAR by Taschen. While I love all the cuties I show, my personal favorites are the voluptuous, sexy, high-heel lovelies from Peter Driben. Driben, who did many magazine covers and pin-up illustrations over the years, was one of the best of the pin-up artists, and his girls are sexy and adorable.

Here are some covers and even some scans of original art I've managed to gather from the Internet.

You can find the pin-ups that Chuck is referring to by typing in Taschen in the "search this blog" box at the top of this blog. At least a couple of the Driben illustrations found here are found in that calendar collection as well. You can find an outstanding sample of Driben's covers on Flickr here.


Chuck Wells said...

Thanks HG, it's nice to see which direction you lean into with these pin-ups.

I like a variety of artists who produced them, and Driben is good, but Elvgen is my fave.

Aldous said...

Beautiful work!