Thursday, February 5, 2009

By George, three stories!

I consider George Metzger to be not only a great underground cartoonist, but a great cartoonist, no matter the genre.

Three stories: "Flying Saucer Man" from BRAIN FANTASY #1, 1972, published by Last Gasp. "Comic Book Addict" from FOG CITY COMICS #1, 1977; "Light As a Dream" from FOG CITY COMICS #2, 1978, published by Stampart. Color illustration above is the back cover to BRAIN FANTASY #1.

Copyright © 1972, 1977, 1978 by George Metzger.




MDG14450 said...

Nice to see those--I used to Metzger in different fanzines and undergrounds, but don't hear abouyt him often. I ususally associate him with non-narrative stories where the "camera" would continue to zoom in.

Harry Lee Green said...

Has anyone seen anything by George Metzger after about 1979?

Emphyrio said...

Metzger gold!

I had dinner with him in...2002? 2003? In Vancouver BC.

He'd been working in the area printing ID marks on plywood lumber in a sawmill. Skinny and strong, though that kind of work is something that wears out your body.

It didn't sound like he'd done much illustrating since the illustrations to The American Book of the Dead.